Cognitive City


Cognitive City is based on Werkstætte concept
Oradea - the Cognitive City - the very heart of Europe

We intend: - to create a centre of technological design that allows people and companies to experiment and innovate in a relaxed atmosphere - to allow cross-pollination between professionals with different cultural and ethnic backgrounds - to provide easy access to mentors, educators, and like-minded people who are passionate about design What makes TW unique? - Incubators and accelerators focus on entrepreneurship - TW focuses on generating new ideas and solving technological problems in innovative ways (focus on communities) - Virtually nothing like this currently exists in Europe - We draw our inspiration from the Wiener Werkstætte, Bauhaus, and Xerox PARC Why now? - Information technology is developing at a lightning pace - But we have yet to truly put most of these new technologies to valuable, practical use - Silicon Valley has been taken over by the venture capitalists - There are no true innovation centres left that aren’t directly controlled by commercial enterprises Why Europe? - Europe provides a common ground for many diverse cultures - The European Union provides a common foundation, yet respects national and local differences. It is not the United States of Europe - Innovation cannot take place in isolation - Exposure to different cultures and backgrounds is essential if designers are to think beyond their local sources of inspiration


This is our team





Alexandru Tintea

Mihai Stescu

PR & Technical Adviser